EJ Mantova Memorial Art Competition 

2019 EJ Mantova Memorial Art Competition winners

  1. 2019
    Class 1: Landscape/ Seascape

    Path to the Sun
    By Charlotte BLESING

    Be drawn into this image. Without close inspection, many of the exciting qualities of Path to the Sun would be overlooked. There is a use of different textural marks to depict different surfaces and a create a sense of depth. Selection of subtle colour gives a gentleness.
  2. 2019
    Class 1: Landscape/ Seascape

    Outback Road
    By Myffie COADY

    The Outback Road weaves its way through the picture commencing in the foreground and disappearing into the back ground. The scale of the environment encourages the viewer to connect intimately with the journey taken along the road. You can only be in one place but feel part of a bigger space.
  3. 2019
    Class 2: Marie Warwick Memorial Watercol

    Nicobar Pidgeon
    By Lyndley McCOLL

    Before a mark has been placed on the paper, the decision on what type and colour of paper to use, has to be made. Nicobar Pidgeon demonstrates the importance of paper selection. The paper texture plays a vital role in this image. The bird flies at the viewer with vitality, energy and light. The detail on the beak contrasts with the feathers.
  4. 2019
    Class 2: Marie Warwick Memorial Watercol

    Caryatid Vienna II
    By Jennifer DIAMOND

    The audience's viewpoint in Caryatid Vienna II forces the eye to travel up the figure. Traditionally this viewpoint creates a sensation of power and importance with figure looking down. The technically accurate application of watercolour and use of light softens the figure. Instead, the dark building above the figure acts like a halo keeping the focus on the figure.
  5. 2019
    Class 3: Open

    Morning of the Earth
    By Linda COOMBER

    The relief sculpture, Morning of the Earth, encourages the audience to look at known objects from a different perspective. There is repetition of form with visual and textural interest created with the change of materials. Awareness of the importance of line made with the thread connects each element.
  6. 2019
    Class 3: Open

    Petit Palais
    By Jennifer DIAMOND

    In Petit Palais, the subtle treatment of the sky contrasts with the visually descriptive depiction of the building. The building has weight while the sky is fluid. A sense of strength is created that is timeless.
  7. 2019
    Class 4: Drawing

    Tribute to Buddy
    By Ivinnie BROWN

    The success of Tribute to Buddy is what is not included in the image. It demonstrates careful consideration and control of the content. This gives the image power. The artist has rendered the light tones on a dark background rather the traditionally drawing of the dark tones on a light background.
  8. 2019
    Class 4: Drawing

    Ancient Eden
    By Jeffrey McNeil

    Ancient Eden takes the audience on a journey through a landscape that is constructed from a variety of texturally interesting marks. The contrast between the types of marks enable the audience to discern foliage differences. Tone and depth are created through the careful selection and quantity of lines made.
  9. 2019
    Class 5: Sculpture

    By Paul REYNOLDS

    At first glance: out of the corner of your eye, appears Monty. This may be confronting to some people depending on their personal relationship they have with snakes. Like them or loath them. The qualities of a snake are well represented, capturing movement and pattern.
  10. 2019
    Class 5: Sculpture

    Au Contraire II
    By Anne REILLY

    The vessel Au Contraire II has freedom from precision. The surface has a variety of colour treatments which enables the audience to travel around the vessel and remain engaged. The differing thickness of the clay adds to the surface interest.

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